Dammit Man, We Had It! Super Bowl 51 Recap [Pt. 1]

It’s been a MINUTE, but we’re back with a two part episode.

Part 1 is a Super Bowl recap. AD, AV, Rome, and Trent look back at the heartbreaking Falcons loss in Super Bowl 51. The fellas discuss the range of emotions felt during the game, the scapegoat, and key moments when they knew the Patriots would prevail.

Check out AV’s article on FTESWL.com:¬†https://t.co/NW6vKiilKC

Give their podcast, From The Eastside With Love a listen too!

Intro/Outro by: @TheHitKingz

Host Link: https://archive.org/download/DammitManWeHadItARecapOfSuperBowl51Pt.1/Dammit%20Man,%20We%20Had%20It!%20-%20A%20Recap%20of%20Super%20Bowl%2051%20%5BPt.%201%5D.mp3


Season 2, Episode 4 – Beasley’s Breakout and Another W

The Falcons passed Part 1 of the three team gauntlet (DEN, SEA, GB) defeating the Broncos 23-16. Rome and Trent recapped the game, Vic Beasley’s breakout performance and the strong defensive play. The Brehs also previewed Sunday’s game against Seattle,

Also, listen closely as Trent had a PSA for the national media.

Host Link: https://archive.org/download/Season2Episode4BeasleysBreakoutAndAnotherW/Season%202,%20Episode%204%20-%20Beasley’s%20Breakout%20and%20Another%20W.mp3

Season 2, Episode 3 – Falcons Are Rollin, 3-1!

Rome and Trent recap the past three weeks of Falcons football. The offense has been rolling! The fellas delved into the keys to the Falcons top ranked offense attack and how Matt Ryan and Kyle Shanahan are finally on the same page. On the flipside of things, what’s up with the defense? The porous defense and their poor performance is also analyzed. Lastly, they look ahead to the Falcons biggest test thus far, the defending Super Bowl champion Broncos.

Host Link: https://archive.org/download/BirdBrehsWeek4Recap/Bird%20Brehs%20Week%204%20Recap.mp3

Season 2, Episode 2 – Bucs Recap/Raiders Preview

The home team got the season off to a bad start losing 34-31. AV, Rome, and Trent recapped the Week 1 loss. The fellas took a look at the poor play by the defense, Devonta Freeman’s lack of touches, and offensive playcalling.

AV returns for the 2016 season with his Reason Why The Saints Suck and also makes a bold proclamation about a recent Falcons top draft pick.

To round out the show the guys previewed Sunday’s upcoming matchup with Oakland.

Intro/Outro by @TheHitKingz

Host Link: https://archive.org/download/Season2Episode2Week1RecapRaidersPreview/Season%202%2c%20Episode%202%20-%20Week%201%20Recap-Raiders%20Preview.mp3


Season 2, Episode 1: 2016 53 Man Recap & Season Preview

Salute to all of our supporters, this marks 1 year anniversary of Bird Brehs!

To kick off Season 2 of Bird Brehs!! AD and Rome took a look back at the preseason and how the 53 man roster shaped up. They also previewed the Week 1 matchup with the Tampa Bay Bucs. To round out the show the fellas gave a few predictions for the season.

Host Link: https://archive.org/download/Season2Episode1201653ManRecapSeasonPreview/Season%202%2c%20Episode%201%20-%202016%2053%20Man%20Recap%20%26%20Season%20Preview.mp3


2016 Post Draft/Offseason Discussion


AD, Rome, and Trent discussed a number of news surrounding the Falcons. Listen in as they discuss the announcement of inexpensive concessions in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, former Nate Stupar’s comment on Falcons fans, and a look at position groups.

The Brehs also broke down the Falcons draft. Did the team address their needs? How do the draftees project?

Check it out!

Host Link: https://archive.org/download/OffseasonTalk/Offseason%20Talk.mp3

2016 Falcons Draft Preview Episode

Rome and Trent recap the past month of Atlanta Falcons news and draft talk. They discussed the four game PED suspension of Jalen Collins, the Falcons picking up the 5th year option of Desmond Trufant and what the team’s draft strategy will be. Will they focus heavily on defense or acquire a new weapon for Matt Ryan? What will they do with the 17th pick?

To finish off the episode, the fellas made predictions on who the team will select, listen to find out!

Host Link: https://ia601500.us.archive.org/24/items/2016FalconsDraftPreview/2016%20Falcons%20Draft%20Preview.mp3

Farewell to Roddy White, Free Agency, Marquand Manuel’s Comments, and Draft Prospects

It’s been over a month since we dropped an Atlanta Falcons related episode of Bird Brehs and naturally a lot has transpired.

AD, Rome, Trent, and guest co-host Justin (@JCity123 on Twitter) broke down all the happenings with the team and gave their predictions for the upcoming draft and remainder of free agency.

To start off, we discussed the release of Roddy White and Marquand Manuel’s interview question at the Combine to Ohio State DB Eli Apple. We also looked at the Falcons free agent signings thus far and how the salary breakdown affects team flexibility moving forward.

What will the Front 7 look like? We talked the possibility of the Falcons signing Rams free agents, James Laurinaitis and Chris Long.

To finish up we discuss some draft prospects, a few more free agents and the Falcons draft strategy. Will they go heavy defense? Trade down in the 1st round?

Thanks to Justin for hopping on the podcast with us and shoutout to the Dirty Bird Nation Facebook group, as well.

Host Link: https://archive.org/download/FarewellToRoddyWhiteFreeAgencyMarquandManuelsCommentsAndDraftProspects/Farewell%20to%20Roddy%20White%2c%20Free%20Agency%2c%20Marquand%20Manuel%27s%20Comments%2c%20and%20Draft%20Prospects.mp3