AV’s Reason #5629 Why The Saints Suck

It’s been a familiar theme for New Orleans this season so stop me if you’ve heard this already, but The Saints are struggling again on defense. Check out this report from NOLA.com:

“Through nine games, the Saints defense is allowing about 6.5 yards per play, the second-worst mark in post-merger NFL history, according to Pro Football Reference. The only team to do worse through the opening nine games? The 2012 Saints.”

The Saints are also last in Football Outsider’s Defense-Adjusted Value over Average. This year’s numbers are worse than the 2014 Saints and 2012 Saints. It’s obvious the Saints proudly embrace their storied history of defensive failure and fortunately for us Falcons fans, it doesn’t look like it’ll be getting any better for them anytime soon. And that Ladies & Gentleman, is reason #5,629 why the Saints suck!


AV’s Reason #978 Why The Saints Suck

Image via AP

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham (13) celebrates his touchdown reception in the first half of an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans, Sunday, Nov. 1, 2015. Image via AP

Reason #978 why the Saints suck takes us back to Sunday’s high scoring affair down in New Orleans, where the Saints beat the Giants 52-49, a game in which Eli Manning and Drew Brees combined to throw 13 TD passes. The Saints allowed 49 points in the win, which ties for the most points allowed in a win in NFL history, tying the 52-49 score from the Houston Oilers vs. Oakland Raiders game way back on December 22, 1963.

And that is Reason #978 why the Saints SUCK!

AV’s “Reason #2675 why the Saints suck”

If you’ve listened to a Bird Brehs podcast you should be familiar with the greatness that is the “Reason # ___ why the Saints suck”. Every week AV provides stats/moments why the team in New Orleans is so bad. In this week’s segment, despite their first win of the season the Saints still managed to humiliate themselves. In the video below check out the shirt-less Super dome’s “12th man” who may have caused the Saint’s kicker to miss the potential game-winning field goal.

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