Week 16: Behind Enemy Lines [Carolina Panthers

It’s another Bird Brehs episode featuring Panthers fans. This time I was joined by two more members of thecoli.com message board, Bishop_BP_Jakes and SireSiah#KWU. We discussed the Panthers recent win against the Giants, Josh Norman, trash talk, and what it’ll take for the Falcons to win on Sunday.

We even found time to debate some of our favorite North Carolina based fast food restaurants.

So if you’re a fan of football, fast food and the Falcons this episode is for you!

Host Link: https://archive.org/download/BehindEnemyLinesPanthersWeek16/Behind%20Enemy%20Lines%20-%20Panthers%20%5BWeek%2016%5D.mp3


Week 14: Behind Enemy Lines [Carolina Panthers]

For the first time in a while we actually found a fan from Behind Enemy Lines! AV and Rome were joined by Panthers fan Pat. Just like the five Bird Brehs, he frequents thecoli.com and goes by Henry Orbit on the message board. He broke down his hometown squad, identified key matchups, and gave us a score prediction. We also discussed NFC South rivalries, Josh Norman’s emergence, the significance of December 9, and compared the Dirty Bird and Dabbin.

Shout out to the Coli.com, the message board and its members have held us down since the first episode. Salute!

Host Link: https://archive.org/download/BELPanthers/BEL%20-%20Panthers.mp3

Week 11: Behind Enemy Lines [Indianapolis Colts]

AD flew solo again for this week’s Behind Enemy Lines episode for the Colts game. Nestled in the preview talk, he named the Colts player he’s most afraid of, a brief breakdown of their squad, and keys to a Falcons victory. He wrapped it up with betting lines and score differential predictions. Check it out!

Host Link:  https://archive.org/download/BehindEnemyLinesColts/Behind%20Enemy%20Lines%20-%20Colts.mp3

Episode 9 [Bucs Recap and 49ers Behind Enemy Lines]

Rome and AD hold down the episode as they briefly recapped the Falcons 23-20 loss to Tampa Bay game and went Behind Enemy Lines for the 49ers.

AD was in the Dome for the game and gave three things he learned based on the team’s performance.

The last segment featured Rome and AD discussing how the 49ers new starter at QB, Blaine Gabbert, will look against the Falcons defense. To finish it up, AD gave his predictions based on Vegas Lines. So if you’re a bettor, you might want to listen in!

Host Link: https://archive.org/download/BirdBrehsEpisode9/Bird%20Brehs%20Episode%209.mp3

Week 6: Behind Enemy Lines [New Orleans Saints]

In this extended edition of Behind Enemy Lines, we previewed Thursday’s upcoming matchup with the hated New Orleans. The Bird Brehs were joined by Falcons fan, T, who gave his keys to the game.
AV brought reason #423 why the Saints suck and all 5 co-hosts gave their score predictions as well.

We Dat!

Host Link: https://archive.org/download/Week6BehindEnemyLines/Week%206%20-%20Behind%20Enemy%20Lines.mp3

Week 3: Behind Enemy Lines [Dallas Cowboys]

The Deion Luwynn Sanders Classic is upon us!

In this Behind Enemy Lines edition of Bird Brehs, Rome and AD were joined by Dallas Cowboys fan, Dre. Dre goes by Primetime21 on thecoli.com message board and previewed this Sunday’s game from a Cowboys perspective. He gave insight on the team’s defense, offensive line, and what it’ll take for Brandon Weeden to succeed. In addition to predictions, AD and Dre named their two key players of the game.

Stay tuned, as this will a weekly episode featuring a fan of the opposing team.

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