Falcons win a nail-biter and NFL Week 3 Protests

The Bird Brehs are joined by a loyal supporter and listener Leonard (@ElDubbaU on Twitter) to talk the close win over the Lions.


3:15 Impressive defensive play
4:40 Free and Taylor Gabriel
7:15 – Is Freeman a Top 5 RB?
10:13 – Defense Sealed Up the W
11:17 – Transcript of Final Play from Bird Brehs GroupMe and Thoughts on the Last Play
18:54 – Matt Ryan Reverted to the 2015 Version of Himself
23:25 – Lions are a team to watch
24:03 – NFC Overview
25:34 – Reggie DAVIS re-signed by Falcons
26:30 – R.I.P. Rack Em Willie
28:03 – Best WR Combos in the NFL
29:30 – “Protests around the NFL”
39:58 – Looking ahead to Buffalo
49:10 – Introducing Trent’s new Multimedia Platform – The Uncovered
50:45 – AV vs Trent, beef squashed?
51:15 – Steve Sarkisian’s offensive success

Host Link: https://archive.org/download/BBEp3Final/BB%20Ep%203%20Final.mp3


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