Episode 16 [Panthers Recap and Saints Preview]

The Falcons sit at 8-7 heading into their season finale against the hated New Orleans Saints. AV, Rome, and Trent recapped the win over the Panthers and keyed in on some advantages the Falcons will have over New Orleans.

0:36 – Start of Panthers recap
2:50 – AV on how the Falcons shut down Cam
4:30 – Falcons Defense
8:18 – Praise of the Matt, Julio, and the offense
12:50 – Defense Stepping Up/Fan Support
20:45 – Saints Preview
21:40 – AV talks exploiting the Saints WOAT Level Defense
23:05 – Trent explains the importance of a W over New Orleans
24:45 – Do the Falcons REALLY have an advantage?
28:54 – AV gives reason numero uno why the Saints suck
33:15 – Saints are possibly in flux
38:32 – Shoutouts to listeners/outro

Host Link: https://archive.org/download/Episode16PanthersRecapAndSaintsPreview/Episode%2016%20%5bPanthers%20Recap%20and%20Saints%20Preview%5d.mp3


Week 16: Behind Enemy Lines [Carolina Panthers

It’s another Bird Brehs episode featuring Panthers fans. This time I was joined by two more members of thecoli.com message board, Bishop_BP_Jakes and SireSiah#KWU. We discussed the Panthers recent win against the Giants, Josh Norman, trash talk, and what it’ll take for the Falcons to win on Sunday.

We even found time to debate some of our favorite North Carolina based fast food restaurants.

So if you’re a fan of football, fast food and the Falcons this episode is for you!

Host Link: https://archive.org/download/BehindEnemyLinesPanthersWeek16/Behind%20Enemy%20Lines%20-%20Panthers%20%5BWeek%2016%5D.mp3

Episode 15 [Panthers Recap and State of the Team]

In a five man edition of Bird Brehs, AV, Rome, and Trent were joined by Panthers fans Greg and Dom (aka Morose_Zeitgeist on thecoli.com). There was a recap of the 38-0 blowout of the Falcons, discussion of the future of the Falcons, and the possibility of undefeated Panthers season.

There was also more debate between AV and Trent about Kyle Shanahan’s future and his role in the Falcons downfall.

AV also snuck in, Reason #6432 Why The Saints Suck, informative as always.

Host Link: https://archive.org/download/BirdBrehsEpisode15/Bird%20Brehs%20Episode%2015.mp3

Week 14: Behind Enemy Lines [Carolina Panthers]

For the first time in a while we actually found a fan from Behind Enemy Lines! AV and Rome were joined by Panthers fan Pat. Just like the five Bird Brehs, he frequents thecoli.com and goes by Henry Orbit on the message board. He broke down his hometown squad, identified key matchups, and gave us a score prediction. We also discussed NFC South rivalries, Josh Norman’s emergence, the significance of December 9, and compared the Dirty Bird and Dabbin.

Shout out to the Coli.com, the message board and its members have held us down since the first episode. Salute!

Host Link: https://archive.org/download/BELPanthers/BEL%20-%20Panthers.mp3

Episode 13 [Vikings Recap/Bucs Preview]

Tee Little and Rome recapped the Vikings game. There was more talk about Matt Ryan throwing to opponents, Tevin Coleman’s fumbling issues, and the surprisingly steady play of the defense. To wrap up the show they previewed Sunday’s game against Tampa Bay, will the Falcons shut down NFC Offensive Rookie of the Month Jameis Winston? Rome makes a bold prediction and Tee Little names one guy the Falcons will shut down.

Listen in!

Host Link: https://ia601501.us.archive.org/28/items/BirdBrehsEpisode13/Bird%20Brehs%20Episode%2013.mp3