Quick Analysis: Falcons 17-16 Loss to the 49ers

Man, man, man, what can I say? I just got back from watching the game with fellow Bird Breh, AD. We gave our predictions in the weekly episode and rehashed them while taking in the 1st quarter. There were plenty of bright spots in this game, Julio (as always), the opportunistic defense, and even a guy I’ve talked trash about, Eric Weems.

However, there were way more head scratching moves than bright spots. From continuing to call stretch run plays when the 49ers quick LBs/safeties gobbled up Devonta Freeman to the non existent pass rush, to Matt Ryan locking in on Julio. There were plenty times I turned to AD and asked, “Why are we doing [insert dumb decision here]?” I’ve come to live a question-filled life as an Atlanta sports fan, so it’s nothing new.

When we wake up tomorrow and read articles or hear discussion about the game the Falcons last offensive possession, which resulted in a FG will be the most heavily scrutinized decision. “Should Dan Quinn have went for it on 4th down?” Hindsight is 20/20, but at the time I said “yes.” In the event you don’t score, you still have 2 timeouts with Blaine Gabbert leading his troops from the shadow of his own goalposts. In that situation, I have full faith in the defense, time and field position was on our side. Down one point, having to make a stop to get the ball back, AND having to get points, I’m not as confident.

Sitting at 6-3 heading into the bye week, I’m optimistic the staff and players will make the necessary changes to win enough games for a playoff berth. What happens once we get there remains to be seen…

– Rome Brown


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